Ethnobotany Park

The Ethnobotany Park in Gua Musang was developed as a forest research centre and also a recreational park, with an aim to protect a sustainable yield for the forest, particularly in making herbal products. It is located on the Gua Musang – Kuala Lipis Road, and spans some 35 hectares.

Its main components are a herb park, herbal gallery, incubator centre for the use of entrepeneurs, as well as recreational infrastructure including chalets, a mini animal park, and other support facilties. Visitors can take part in hill climbing, camping, cave exploring and there is also a canopy walk.

The park is also currently used for the Natioanl Service Training Program. Among the main issues that it faces is a lack of draw for domestic tourists, and its also not well known among foreigners.


Taman Etnobotani1   Taman Etnobotani2

Etnobotany Park

Taman Mini Haiwan

Mini zoo in Etnobotany Park