The Rapids of Sungai Nenggiri

Sungai Nenggiri is the main riverway in the territory, and is a heaven for kayak enthusiasts and canoeists, as well as anglers. There is a succession of 40 rapids which will thrill and delight visitors who brave enough to enter the icy cool, crystal clear waters.

While you're here, catch the `Nenggiri River Cruise' which runs some 50 kilometers by boat, starting at the Kuala Betis jetty and ends at Kg. Setar.

There are 3D 2 N and 2D 1N packages organized by local tour agencies, which will also include visits to Cha Cave (pre-historic excavation site), Orang Asli village in Kuala Jenera and the Pos Pulat.

KESEDAR with the help of Tourism and Youth Councils also organize the annual `Nenggiri Challenge', an international kayak competition which draws entrants from Switzerland, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. It starts at the Cha Cave jetty and ends also in Kg. Setar, with a sleepover in Pos Pulat.

Sungai Nenggiri 1

Nenggiri's stream flow with hills background

Suangai Nenggiri 2

Nenggiri river

Gua Cha

Gua Cha